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Lifestyle Properties Panama is a licensed real estate and property management agency based on Panama City focused on servicing customers searching for a second-vacation home, income-generating properties, rental or a retirement option.

All the properties that are listed in our website have passed a due diligence program, which consists on studying the reputation and track of the developer, the warranty program and the procedure to solve problems, and finally the quality of the product.

In case of properties that are already built, Lifestyle Properties Panama makes sure the owner complies, legally, with all the paperwork to sell the property free of liens.

Investing in a foreign country can be a hassle if not guide properly. This is why, for Lifestyle Properties Panama, is important to communicate with you at all times, making sure you understand the conditioning of the property, the legal procedure and the banking process – in case of financing.

Lifestyle Properties Panama work in a different way.  Once we receive an email from you, we will reply and request a telephone interview, which will allow us to understand your wants and needs, explain you our legal and banking services, and prepare with you an agenda to come to visit Panama.