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Lifestyle Properties Panama Services

Lifestyle Properties Panama offers a boutique service to assist you on all the legal and banking needs in Panama.

An agenda is prepared to visit two lawyers and two banks, and our company will be responsible to follow up and prepared all the necessary documentation with the entity you choose to work with.
Legal services cost are not included in Lifestyle Properties fee. Each case varies, it is important to interview you in order to understand what type of legal structure you will like to create – corporation or foundation, and what are your personal requirement for each case.
With the banking services, we can recommend two banks, or open the bank with your preference bank.
What is included in our services:
  • A phone interview with Lifestyle
  • Send a list of all the document that needs to be presented to the lawyer and the bank, once we know the legal entity you will like to create
  • Prepared the agenda to visit two lawyers and two banks, coordinate and take you to the appointments
  • Delivered all the documents to lawyer and bank prior to your trip to Panama
  • Fill up all the bank paperwork and delivered the bank before he comes to Panama
  • Follow up with all the opening of the bank account.
  • The opening of the bank account its to discretion to the bank to open the bank account.
  • Revise that all the documents are correct
  • Send by DHL to you

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