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When You Retire To Panama You´ll Get A Lot Of Benefits!

Posted on April 29, 2014 by admin in Retirement

With affordable living rates and a booming economy, a Panama retirement has never been easier to plan than it is today. With several fantastic resorts and new real estate options under development, Panama is truly opening its arms to the thousands of foreign retirees who move to the beautiful country each year.

When you retire to Panama you can also apply for Panama’s Pensionado program, entitling these new residents to several convenient benefits, including:

• 50% off entertainment throughout the country (concerts, theaters, movies, sporting events)
• 30 % off bus, boat, and train fares and 25% off airline tickets
• 25% off monthly energy bills
• 30% – 50% off hotel stays
• 15% off hospital bills

Retirees who apply for the Pensionado program are also entitled to exemption on taxes for imported goods, such as a car or boat. You could also save money on the local purchase of a car, tax free. One of the best perks about living in Panama will be the comfort you feel by finding the same conveniences from home, including high speed internet, top-notch health care, your favorite television channels, and all of your favorite brands from back home.

Look into some of our Panama real estate models and retire in the comfort today!


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