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What Will I Be Eating when I retire to Panama?

Posted on April 25, 2014 by admin in Retirement

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are taken very seriously here in Panama, and you will grow to love the variety of meals available when you retire to Panama.

So what can you expect to appear on your plate on a daily basis in Panama?

1) Breakfast, or Desayuno: Your breakfast will usually consist of meals comprised of rice, eggs, and beans topped off with a nice Hojaldras, or sugared doughnut.

Tortillas – A Panama standard, the tortilla is a corn flour pancake topped with rice, cheese, and beans.

Gallo Pinto (Spotted Rooster) – Found usually at local restaurants, this dish is made of rice, beans, and usually pork.

2) Lunch or Almuerzo: Lunch is always a mix of various side dishes that are made of seafood, roasted veggies, and red meats.

Empanadas – A pastry filled with meat, cheese, potatoes and other vegetables. These are often available at street carts, or chiceros in Panama City.

Ceviche – A mixture of seafood, this dish is cooked by marinating the seafood in lime juice. The citric acid “cooks” the seafood.

3) Main Dishes or Platos Principales: Dinner in Pedasi is always a celebrated event that rounds out a perfect day in Panama living.

Arroz con Pollo – Slow cooked chicken served with vegetables and rice.

Sancocho – A hearty and popular stew made with chicken, vegetables, tomatoes, and coriander.

Interested in moving to Panama and eating these amazing dishes?

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