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Retire In Panama With Some Great Health Care

Posted on April 11, 2014 by admin in Retirement

PRESS RELEASE. Panama City, Panama. April 2014

Not only is Panama retirement comfortable and affordable, it also offers some of the best health care options in the world for half the cost!

Several hospital s and health care facilities in Panama are on par with what you would find throughout Europe, the U.S., or Canada. As a matter of fact, many major Panamanian hospitals are affiliated with prestigious U.S. hospitals, providing the same level of expert service and quality health care options. However, the most appealing advantage of Panamanian health care may be the private health insurance and prescription drugs that are much more easily available and affordable than back in the States.

There are a few reasons why health insurance is more affordable in Panama than in the US. There is a low rate on medical malpractice insurance, since the county’s laws do not allow for frivolous lawsuits. Also, the average income is around $400 a month and many locals pay insurance rates out of pocket, leading to a lower overall cost.

Inexpensive prescription drugs are also readily available because manufacturers price them for a low income market. Some drugs that usually require a prescription are also available over the counter in several Panama drug stores.

If you’re thinking of moving to Panama, you’ll be well protected with the amazing health care options that the country has to offer.

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